Full Moon in Scorpio – April 2021

So, About this week …

There’s a storm brewing, caused by challenging energy, as the moon grows to full.

The intense sign of Scorpio is in the hot seat

… and Scorpio♏ is adept at bringing shadows to light; often through crisis or drama.

This is especially key, as Pluto is slowing (ready to turn retrograde) and Uranus and Saturn are strongly placed in the Full Moon chart.

Big energy!

Power is a key word and particularly empowerment (the best of which comes from love and radical self-acceptance).

A heavy Plutonic emphasis can increase psychic energy & turn us all to psychic sponges, so energetic protection is recommended as well as internal contemplation of what this week has to teach you.

Every day is a school day after all!

Unexpected Events & Surprises

Saturn and Uranus are adding to the vibe .

Push and pulls regarding group vs. freedom energy could appear along with revelations, shocks and power struggles.

And with Pluto stationary on the day of the Full Moon, things could feel quite volcanic & volatile as we move through the week.

Pluto/Scorpio energy takes us deep and things could be bought to light now that feel uncomfortable.

And (as if we needed more), Pluto and Eris (Goddess of strife/discord) are also currently transiting one another via a square (challenging / uncomfortable, but necessary growth).

Values & Catalysts

With Mercury & Venus also in the mix, money, relationships, values (or all 3!) could be a theme & holding your tongue could prove tricky.

With Mercury on Taurus 17 (A Symbolic Battle Between Swords and Torches) speaking your truth could be an important catalyst!

One thing’s for sure, it’s going to be a big week (either personally, in the World at large or both!).

With Mars and the Moon in mutual reception, we’re looking at reactive responses, protection of the vulnerable (the feminine, children & women in particular) & defensiveness.

On the Bright Side!

Scorpio energy represents our passions – what we burn for!

Expressing yourself and doing what you love will likely bring joy.

This is a great week to commit to:

  • Clearing Fear & Self-Sabotage – may be particularly heightened this week
  • Detaching from drama (and instead holding others in compassion)
  • Looking out for those around you, who may be doing it tough
  • Knowing you’re a powerful being & you’re here for a reason
  • Exploring your vulnerabilities and triggers – (what’s really beneath them?)
  • Healing wounds that lead to repeating patterns; especially around claiming your place in the World
  • Honouring anger and expressing it appropriately (Tip: Google appropriate and inappropriate anger)


  • I Am Safe, The Universe Knows My Heart & Has My Back
  • I Am Strong & Capable
  • Life Loves Me
  • I Am In Charge Of My Happiness
  • I Am The Author Of My Life
  • I Live With Joy And Prosper
  • I Can Honour My Emotions With Integrity

The Full Moon will exact at 7 degrees of Scorpio on the 27th April.

Which area of life is this activating for you?

Tip: Look to the house of your chart that holds 7 degrees of Scorpio and 7 degrees of Taurus, as that’s the axis being highlighted and especially so if you have planets or points around 7 degrees (or very close to) of the fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius).

To understand what the house associations are, click here.

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