Tag: Self-Acceptance


February’s New Moon in Aquarius asks what are you contributing and how are you choosing to evolve?

This lunar month will bring a beautiful full moon in Leo; the opportunity to shine in your true self’s energy.

But the strong Saturn energy will ask you to clear any impediment to doing so as the month progresses.
Acknowledge & clear fear and work on increasing self-worth and confidence.

There’s a serious, deep vibe to February; great for research, dedication, inner work and deep conversations.

Commitment pays off!

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Full Moon in Scorpio – April 2021

So, about this week …

There’s a storm brewing, caused by challenging energy, as the Moon grows full.

The intense sign of Scorpio is in the hot seat

… and Scorpio is adept at bringing shadows to light!

Often through crisis or drama.

Hang onto your hat and read here for all the insights and a few tips!

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