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Aquarius Season – New Moon in Aquarius Full Moon in Leo

Aquarius Season β™’- What does this month hold for you? Aquarius Season and its corresponding Lunar Cycle πŸŒ’πŸŒ•πŸŒ’ – Dates and Degrees Each ‘astrology season’ brings the themes of a sign into focus and highlights life areas where the sign (and its polar opposite sign) reside in your chart. As the Sun moves to a […]

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Optimism, Wisdom & The Importance of Intuition & Perspective

The November/December Lunar Month recommends taking a step back before responding.

Re-think, re-strategise and Reign in are the 3 Rs for the month ahead.

There’s still plenty of water energy around, so take time to feel into your emotions and don’t push too hard.

Taking responsibility for triggers that arise and anything that isn’t going well ensures a healthier start to 2023

… whilst a gratitude ritual for what is working can boost energy.

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Eclipse Season – Cooperation, Intuition, Ownership & Patience = Empowerment

October’s New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio takes us into Eclipse Season and sets up the energy of November.

The build up to the Taurus Full Moon on November 8th could be intense, awakening and surprising.

This is a great month to work on passion projects and teamwork.

Stepping back from drama and choosing instead to consciously heal any negative patterns which arise will be rewarding.

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