What Your Mars Sign Says About Your Approach To Exercise

Need a little inspiration to help get you moving …

… or just curious to see which athletes share your Mars sign?

Come on in; where you’ll find some workout wisdom that may just get you motivated!

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Why Knowing Your Child’s Moon Sign Can Help You Better Understand Their Needs

Knowing your child’s Moon sign can give vital clues as to how you can best respond to their needs.

The Moon is representative of our emotional landscape and tells us what we need to feel nurtured; an important piece of knowledge at any age!

To find out about yours or you child’s Moon sign click here…

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My 10 steps to an Effective and Supportive Fast

Every quarter, I commit myself to a fast.

It’s a great way to cleanse your body of toxins, clarify your mind and generally hit the reset button.

Fasting is effective, but it’s not always an easy thing to do and until you’ve tried it a few times it can feel far from natural.

In this post, I discuss the different types of fasting and some steps that can make it an easier process.

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Energy Report – October 2019

* How to use this report *You will need the password: HowToGuide to read this.   October Energy Report Summary Early October The Libran New Moon falls on the 29th September; ushering in the energy for the month ahead. Libran energy likes balance; signified by the Equinox; when the Sun moves into this sign mid-September and […]

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Energy Report – September 2019

  * How to use this report *You will need the password: HowToGuide to read this.   September Energy Report Summary Virgo (New Moon) is associated with health, rituals and the running of one’s daily life.  Virgo energy reminds us of the need for purpose, discernment, quality and efficiency. Pisces (Full Moon) is associated with compassion, oneness and […]

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Energy Report – August 2019

Leo (New Moon) is associated with what brings a person joy, fulfillment and how they radiate/shine.

Leo rules the heart and is indicative of how a person expresses their love/their essence.

Aquarius (Full Moon) is associated with humanity, group activity and a person’s unique and individual contribution to the whole.

This is a good month to consider how you’re using your gifts and talents to uplift and benefit others. Consider what you find fulfilling and what you shine at…

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