My profile image BlackHi, I’m Toria – creator of Mother Earth Astrology and Natural Healing. I was fifteen when I bought my first Astrology kit and a passion was ignited within me.

I love working with the symbols, stories and messages inherent within this sacred Art and it never fails to amaze me just how much information can be discovered from a 360 degree circle.

Your birth chart is your energetic blue print; containing vital information regarding your past, your potential, your strengths and your challenges.

Having your birth chart read can be a powerful and healing experience delivering insight and confirmation.

As the planets continue to move around the solar system they continue to interact with your unique energy.

This beautiful ongoing progression contributes to your soul growth.

How you choose to respond to the events bought about by these contacts is a personal choice, but I truly believe that if you follow your heart, listen to the guidance and bravely step up, you can consciously move closer to all you feel you are destined to be.


As well as being an Astrologer, I am a certified Bush Flower Essence practitioner, Mum to 4 beautiful children and blessed to share my life with my soul mate.


Now it’s your turn –

What bought you here today?

If you’re looking for greater self-understanding, confirmation about your life’s journey or insight around a pattern that you keep repeating, you might like to book in for an Astrology Consultation with me.

Pretty much know yourself inside-out? In that case, maybe you’re after a personal forecast session to help you plan your year ahead and maximise your potential with the energy that’s coming in for you?

Or… maybe you’re after a little support that will energetically help you through this next period. For that one, you could consider a Bush Flower Essence Consultation.

Something else? Please contact me here and I’ll see what I can do.






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