The Meanings of the Astrological Houses


Each birth chart is made up of twelve houses

… and each house represents an area of your life.

The first house begins with your Ascendant (the degree of the Zodiac sign that was rising in the East at the time of your birth).

When transits move through the houses, they activate them; impelling us towards change in one or more of the areas of life they represent:

  • First House: The Self, How you come across to others, How you meet new situations, Your Image


  • Second House: Money, How you earn your money, Personal possessions of value, Your Self Worth and Values


  • Third House: Communication, Siblings, Neighbours, Short Journeys, Self Expression, School


  • Fourth House: Home, Family, Deepest Self, LIneage


  • Fifth House: Innate Creativity Children, Inner Child, Joy, Lovers


  • Sixth House: Day-To-Day Work, Health, Daily Routines


  • Seventh House: Partnerships (intimate or business), Projection


  • Eighth House: Intimacy, Sex, Inheritances, Taxes, Shared Resources, Birth and Death, Psychic Realm, 


  • Ninth House: Long-Distance Travel, Spirituality, Your Big Picture, Personal Growth, Higher Education


  • Tenth House: Career, Ambitions, Status out in the World


  • Eleventh House: Friendships, Groups, Hopes and Wishes 


  • Twelfth House: Surrender, The Collective, Hospitals/Institutions, Patterns of Self Sabotage

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