new moon in taurus – may 2021

Be Brave, Keep Things Clear

The Sabian Symbol for May’s New Moon is: Taurus 22

“A White Dove Flying Straight

And Fearlessly Over Troubled Waters”

It’s a symbol of courage.

Of taking a deep breath and going for it

… with unwavering faith!

No matter what else is happening in the World.

Keep that in mind with the intentions you set and how you go after them this month.

Especially as trickster Mercury will be conjunct the North Node (in Gemini)
… and will enter the shadow zone for his impending retrograde in 3 days time.

Beware distractions!

Don’t let mishaps (or delays) derail you.

Keep things simple.

Trust the Path!

Fear, Frustration & Safety

With Mars square to Chiron – clear fears and hurt;

… especially those related to (or causing) anger and including how you assert yourself.

If not, pain may result in lashing out, as old (or new) hurts surface.

Let your innate wisdom guide your next step, but ensure it feels comfortable.

This New Moon falls in Taurus and Taurus likes to know it’s safe!

Soothe To Smooth

Taurus is also a sensual type, so how you feels this month is everything!

Look for the “whys” in your actions

And if they’re valuable enough you’ll stick with what you’re doing

Especially if it feels joyful!

Deep Breaths, Step Back, Seek Loving Communion

Seek to heal old wounds, but beware of creating new ones,

… Mars in Cancer can be defensive, reactive and impulsive

And when Saturn turns retrograde on the 23rd, frustration(s) could arise.

Taking responsibility for irritations and seeking new, move loving ways to communicate leads to growth; including inner speak!

Venus-Ruled Taurus encourages sensuality and touch

… and partner’s bonds deepen through loving sexual intimacy.

Physical contact brings emotional well-being to all, so ensure your loved ones feel held.

And allow extra time for hugs – they’re so healing.

Healthy Habits

Vesta implies that money goals could be a feature
… as could healthful intentions for your body.

Is it time to embrace new habits, which lead to an increased sense of comfort?

One Body over this lifetime!

How are you looking after yours and showing your body love?

As creatures of Earth, it’s important we have adequate nutrition.

Lucky for us, Mother Nature supplies plenty – and the fresher and cleaner, the better the taste!

I’ll be serving up organic, nature given foods at my event in June when Don – The Wholefood Medicine Man – will be dropping in to help you gain power back over your health.

Interested? Check it out here.

This is a really small event with the emphasis on nurture.

Grit Over Self Sabotage

If the Full Moon in Scorpio found you self-sabotaging, now’s the time to step back on the train.

Luckily Taurus is a sign with staying power.

This month ushers in Eclipse Season; … increasing intensity and the likelihood of meeting one’s inner darkness.

Be sure to acknowledge your emotions (especially the gnarly ones!)

And clear fear as soon as it creeps in!

Taurus says prioritise and take one practical step at a time.

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