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The full moon in Cancer brings emotions to the surface and asks that we clear through the gnarly ones.

With Venus still retrograde at the time of this Full Moon, it may feel like joy is hard to come by.

Home and family themes will be important as well as prioritising Emotional and Mental wellbeing.

Mercury retrograde brings added potential for delay, confusion and misunderstandings.

Clear frustration and remain flexible.

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Full Moon in Gemini – HOw’s Your Communication?

December’s Full Moon in Gemini could see communication issues arising.

What do you need to take responsibility for?

How can you turn things around?

It’s a busy end to the year with the final exact hit of the Saturn/Uranus square, Venus turning retrograde and Venus also in deep with a Pluto transit.

Inner work is highly recommended; especially around finances, values, relationships, self love and how you express yourself.

Tune into the optimism of Mars’ entry into Sagittarius and head outdoors to let loose!

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Full Moon FRUITION – ARIES – October 2021

FULL MOON FRUITION – remember to celebrate your wins around this Full Moon.

If you’re connecting with shadows over celebrations, this could be an intense Full Moon.

Issues around empowerment (or lack of) could arise.

Deal with Anger effectively, Trust the Path and Know you can change your reality!

Momentum will increase around this Full Moon. Where are you headed?

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