the New Moon in aries 2021

The Year that Was – 2020

As the last lunar cycle comes to an end closing out the end of our previous Astrological Year, I think a few of us will be breathing a sigh of relief.

It’s been tough!

If we look back to the end of March last year – to our last New Moon in Aries, we can see how that energy played out.

Stagnancy & Humanity’s Dark Side

With Mars (as ruler of Aries) in a tight stellium with Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn we can see how our motivation and way forward (Mars) was continually blocked and thwarted (Saturn) as we dealt with limitation (also Saturn).

This lead to a magnification (Jupiter) of the dark side (Pluto) of humanity.

And an over-riding oppressive feel to the year, which brought fear (Saturn/Pluto) and depression (Saturn/Mars) to the surface.

Domestic violence was heightened (Chiron & The Black Moon in Aries conjunct the New Moon), as were divorce rates & fear of financial lack (Capricorn Stellium Trine Venus in Taurus / Uranus in Taurus), as we navigated what felt like a frustrating and heavy year (Mars/Saturn/Pluto).

Vulnerabilities & In for the Long Haul

A confrontation with one’s emotions and a stronger pull towards family and loved ones (North Node in Cancer) made us all consider the important things in life and accept our vulnerabilities as uncertainty took hold (Uranus in Taurus).

Mars placed in Capricorn is usually strong, but with Jupiter in detriment in Capricorn and Mars flanked by Saturn and Pluto, growth and achievement (although possible) took grit, determination and respect for time (Saturn).

The Need for Inner Work

It was a powerful year for inner work (strong Chiron)

The necessity for which, seemed relentless.

Aries New Moon Chart 2020 – drawn up in Solar Fire – Esotech Astrologies

The Year That is Becoming – 2021

New, Fresh & Motivated

The 2021 New Moon in Aries chart has an energised feeling of momentum; the dawning of a new day in a brave new World.

What that brave new world will look like as we round out 2021 is impossible to see.

But we can certainly feel it arriving.

Act on Inspiration

A helpful Mars/Jupiter connection brings an increase in optimism; indicating inspired action is likely to pay off

And with both these planets in Air signs, ideas, self-expression or group energy could be part of the key.

Trust your hunches, but be mindful to focus your energy, as Mars in Gemini (ruler of this New Moon) is easily distracted!

The lack of Earth in the chart warns that an abundance of ideas and inspiration cannot manifest without effort and the emphasis on Fire and Air could may leave you with a lot of hot air that never eventuates! 

Goals & Gratitude

Venus is strong in the chart highlighting an emphasis on money, values and relationships.

It’s a good year to concentrate on attracting what you desire and seeking to transform any blocks to receiving it.

Intention setting is strongly recommended under this New Moon, which exacts just before 12.30pm on April 12th 2021 here in Brisbane AEST (click for a time conversion to your part of the World)

But remember that you must combine the woo with the doo!

A recap of the last 12 months – with an emphasis on gratitude for the good that came from it – is recommended before setting those goals.

Yes, it was a tough year (steeped in energy this empath won’t be sorry to see the back of), but there was also so much to be thankful for.

Taking the time to focus on that will lift you to a positive mindset – always a great place to start!

New Moon energy lasts for a few days, so you have time.

Deepening Bonds & Magnetic Encounters

Pluto brings intensity to our love goddess (Venus) through a challenging square;

Promising a deepening of intimacy for those relationships willing to accommodate change and growth.

Magnetic attractions and mysterious love affairs could abound, as affairs of the heart offer a great deal of transformation this year.

If you were hoping for more stability you may be disappointed; especially with the over-arching Saturn/Uranus transit also in play.

The transition continues (whether we like it or not) and any fears that arise may have to be explored and worked through to create a smoother ride.

Relationships that have become stale or dysfunctional may fall away now

As may other parts of your life.

Inner work will remain an ally.

Although challenging (and sometimes frustratingly painful), taking a good honest look at the life you see around you and choosing (to not only own your part in it), but commit to shifting it, is key to creating the empowered future you desire.

It’s a great year for therapy.

Power Struggles & The Need for Tolerance

With Pluto also challenging the Sun and Moon, power struggles may be an issue; both in your inner and outer Worlds –

… and as Pluto tends to underhand and subterfuge tactics we could see more censorship, suspicion around agendas and sh!t fights on Social Media from keyboard warriors, who have forgotten how to speak to their fellow humans.

The North Node in Gemini asks that we step down from our judgmental high horses and step into other’s shoes.

To seek true understanding of what drives another often gives a different perspective & brings about tolerance and compassion.

Pluto tends to dredge what is old and somewhat buried, so if you find yourself experiencing power struggles of your own, take some time to ask yourself what’s really going on.

Chances are it’s a pain-point related to your past.

And if it’s a pattern that keeps repeating it may be time to ask for help.

Aries and Pluto can be a reactive combination so lessons around aggression, anger and impatience are likely

As well as confrontations with darker emotions; such as jealousy, greed and manipulation.

Defend Honourably

With less emphasis on the heavy Capricorn energy of 2020, people may be less compliant with direction from those in authority.

And with four out of five of the personal planets falling in Aries – independence, freedom and self-governance will likely be a driving force.

This is a year to speak up and speak out about anything that isn’t right (Mercury/Mars mutual reception) and the emphasis on Aries gives you an extra dose of bravery for that.

Perhaps to honourably defend those who are vulnerable and marginalised in society (Mars trine Jupiter in Aquarius disposited by Saturn in Aquarius).

The sense of shock, which the last 12 months bought, appears to be lifting; shifting to a more ‘she’ll be right mate’ attitude of getting on with things.

The Benefit of Movement

Exercise will be a great way to shift emotional tension from the body; especially cardio exercises such as boxing (Gemini (placement of Mars) rules the shoulders, arms, hands and lungs).

Along with breathwork and journalling.

Aries New Moon 2021 – drawn up in Solar Fire – Esotech Astrologies


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