Aquarius Season – New Moon in Aquarius Full Moon in Leo

Aquarius Season – An Unexpected Thunderstorm

Aquarius Season ♒- What does this month hold for you?

Aquarius Season and its corresponding Lunar Cycle 🌒🌕🌒

– Dates and Degrees

Each ‘astrology season’ brings the themes of a sign into focus and highlights life areas where the sign (and its polar opposite sign) reside in your chart.

As the Sun moves to a new sign each month, we welcome a New Moon (either on that same day or within 2 days) and a fresh new Lunar Cycle.

In 2023 Aquarius season will begin on January 20th.

Its corresponding Lunar Month runs from: Jan 21st/22nd – Feb 20th, specifically:

New Moon at 1 degree, 32 seconds of Aquarius:

  • 6:53am – 22/01 (AEST, BRISBANE)
  • 08:53pm – 21/01 (GMT, LONDON)
  • 03:53pm – 21/01 (EST, NEW YORK)

Full Moon at 16 degrees, 40 seconds of Leo:

  • 04:27am – 06/02 (AEST, BRISBANE)
  • 06:27pm – 05/02 (GMT, LONDON)
  • 01:27pm – 05/02 (EST, NEW YORK)

… and exiting with Pisces Season and our next New Moon on Feb 20th

So What Could That Mean?

The New Moon – Intention & Growth

With Saturn (ruler of the New Moon) conjunct to Venus, you’ll likely find responsibilities and duties are calling for your attention.

Social responsibility, groups, work projects, collaboration, money, relationships (or all!) could be focal points

… and surprising events could arise, thanks to Uranus stationing-direct within a day of the New Moon’s arrival.

You may feel busy, wired or restless this month – especially if you have planets or points between 14 and 19 degrees of a fixed sign (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius),

… but that could equally bring excitement, innovation and change.

Uranus has a reputation for awakening us to things we couldn’t previously see, so be open to an eye-opening realisation or idea, especially as he trines Mercury in the New Moon chart.

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is

An Unexpected Thunderstorm

Sabian Symbol: Aquarius: 2

Which (along with that strong Uranus) speaks of sudden / unexpected situations arising, which may require quick thinking and flexibility.

Something may come to a head – tensions, situations … as Uranus seeks to shift you from stagnation and move you forward into growth.

Thankfully Mars (now direct in Gemini!) trines the Moon; enabling the needed motivation and action.

Whilst the Jupiter/Sun/Moon sextile increases confidence and optimism.

This could be an exhilarating month, but you may need to consciously slow down, as Uranus energy can make things feel a bit ‘fast forward’.

This is a good month to:

  • Stay centred and grounded as much as possible (emotions could run high this month).
  • Commit to your values
  • Remain disciplined in pursuit of your desires
  • Nourish your nervous system
  • Be honest about how you’re feeling and talk those feelings over objectively with loved ones (or colleagues) if needed
  • Work on reactivity
  • Heal inner child wounds around rejection, self-acceptance, visibility, worth and feeling safe
  • Be open to change and clear fear and resistance if it’s holding you back from your desires

The Full Moon – Culmination and Illumination

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is

Volunteer Church Choir Makes Social Event of a Rehearsal

Sabian Symbol: Leo: 17

I love that the Sabian Symbol for the Karmic Degree of the Full Moon is: “Brilliant Sunshine Just After A Storm” and the actual degree is about togetherness and singing (the Choir – quoted above)

It intimates that whatever occurs this month (even if difficulties) brings opportunity to experience greater togetherness, shared purpose and enjoyment with others.

Often a storm can clear and cleanse what needs to be released.

Along with highlighting shadows, Moon’s bring fruition, so this could indicate a celebration

… or simply find you singing out your appreciation for life.

Sometimes we have to ride out a storm to clear the path to a brighter day.

The themes of collaboration, groups, camaraderie and teamwork are likely to come to the fore as we move through the final days of January and into February.

As this is a Leo Full Moon it brings warmth & the need to shine.

How do you feel about:

  • Being Visible
  • Your Contribution
  • The Support you Receive
  • Your Ability to Shine & To Allow Others to do the Same
  • How accepted you are (by others, but also yourself)

With Uranus squaring this Full Moon you’ll likely need to honour your need for change, individuality & freedom.

There could be a feeling of breaking free – or frustration of not feeling able to.

Innovative solutions could be a thing.

The Mercury/Pluto conjunction, which follows the Full Moon bestows focus to see your fruition through to the end.

There’s a creative, sensitivity in the FM chart that may find you feeling inspired, romantic and maybe a little magnetic!

Happy Aquarius Season!

May you thrive.

Remember to check the degrees of the New and Full Moon charts (written in first paragraph above) to see in which area of life your attention will be focused this month.

You’ll find the meanings of the chart houses here.


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