Pisces Season – New Moon in Pisces / Full Moon in Virgo

Pisces Season, End of Astrological Year & Saturn into Pisces

Pisces Season and its corresponding Lunar Cycle 🌒🌕🌒

– Dates and Degrees

New Moon = 20.02.2023 | 01 degree, 22 seconds | Pisces

Full Moon = 07.03.2023 | 16 degrees, 40 seconds | Virgo

The Lunar Month Ahead

Pisces Season takes us into the final 4-weeks of the Astrological Year.

The New Moon chart contains:

  • A Saturn/Sun/Moon conjunction
  • A Venus/Neptune conjunction
  • Pluto at the final degree of Capricorn
  • Saturn moving toward the final degree of Aquarius (where he’ll reside as the Full Moon arrives)

The energy feels heavy, sensitive, romantic and intense

… a bit like ‘wading through treacle‘.

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is

A Squirrel Hiding From Hunters

Pisces 02

You may need to withdraw for a while, to reflect and process at a deep level.

Perhaps related to experiences of not only the past year, but elements of the past 3 years and 15 years (Saturn entered Aquarius 2020, Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008).

That’s pretty big!

There’s a need for kindness, compassion and gentleness as we transition from February – through March -towards April, and you may feel more emotional and tired.

Music will be soothing and comforting this month, helping you connect with parts of yourself it’s difficult to express or understand, whilst vulnerability, introversion and patience are likely needed.

Spending time in nature’s ‘feeling’ element (water) may also help as could more rest, staring out into the sky and expressing yourself in whatever way calls.

The tendency to daydream, reminisce and release could be strong.

The New Moon in Pisces begins the Lunar Month, the Full Moon in Virgo marks the culmination point and the March Equinox brings it to a close.

The first week of March has the potential for tears, but also serendipitous moments.

Emotions could run high in all directions.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon is

“A Volcanic Eruption Bringing Dust Clouds, Flowing Lava, Earth Rumblings”

Virgo 17

Mars in Gemini squares this Full Moon bringing the message to get things off your chest before they explode, especially if you’ve been holding onto anger or hurt.

Positively, this can be a incredibly creative time with your self-expression at an all-time high.

The March blend of poetry and romance paired with melancholy and grief could make for a beautiful song and the awareness that “beauty is found in both the highs and the lows”.

Saturn moves to Pisces on March 8th where he’ll stay until February 2026. The contacts he makes with your chart during that time may ask you to contemplate or confront:

  • Addictions/Unhealthy coping mechanisms
  • Rigid, Outdated Boundaries that prevent vulnerability and deeper connection
  • Lack of structure around dreams
  • Your need for more romance, Art (or both!)
  • What needs to be relinquished, forgiven and released
  • How the Divine operates in your life
  • Accountability for your place in the greater whole

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