Optimism, Wisdom & The Importance of Intuition & Perspective

This month brings a Sagittarius New Moon and a Gemini Full Moon.

The Passing October/November Lunar Month

Before we dive into the energy of our upcoming lunar month, let’s remember to take a deep breath, put our hands on our hearts and wave a final goodbye to the Oct/Nov Eclipse Season.

That was exciting, but also intense and volatile at times.

Eclipse energy triggers change, so whatever came up for you, it’s now time to commit to those changes, which tend to take around 6 months to become firmly established.

For a recap of the month that passed, click here.

The Carry-Over

We take Mars Retrograde over into our next lunar month as well as the Mars/Neptune Square, which have both been active since October 2022.

Mars Retrograde Period: October 31st to January 12th – (8 to 25 degrees of Gemini)

Mars/Neptune Square Period: October 12th 2022 to 15th March 2023- (23 to 25 degrees of Gemini/Pisces)

So many lessons are coming up related to anger, life-direction, reaction-times, motivation …

And in amidst all that we’re being asked to let go, release, soften and trust the path.

The Incoming November/December Lunar Month

Objectivity, Intuition and Re-Thinking your next move. The November/December Lunar Month ahead – Sagittarius New Moon / Gemini Full Moon

Our new Lunar Month begins on November 24th with an optimistic Sagittarius New Moon; widely conjunct Mercury and Venus (also resident in Sagittarius).

Jupiter (as ruler of this New Moon) will turn direct within 6 minutes of the New Moon’s arrival, making his presence strong and adding a joyful, adventurous feel to the month ahead.

Jupiter’s conjunction with Neptune coupled with the Mars/Neptune square reminds you to heed your inner guidance as you move forward.

There is much wisdom to be tapped, so take the time to feel into decisions and opportunities before moving ahead.

And try not to push too hard or act too quickly.

Such a strong Neptune influence reminds of the need to flow and call on spiritual support when needed.

This Month’s New Moon

The Sabian Symbol for this New Moon is:

The Ocean Covered With White Caps

Sabian Symbol: Sagittarius 2

This is a month to look objectively at the little dramas, which arise.

Perhaps last month’s eclipse portal had you thinking all was lost and the sky was falling in when really that wasn’t the case.

Retrograde energy often has us revisiting patterns, so if Mars Retrograde had you feeling all was lost on an issue you thought you were progressing with, this month may show you it wasn’t.

Instead, it was likely just a need to refine and rework that issue a little further.

Remember the saying “Stormy Waters Often Lead to Beautiful Destinations” and keep things in perspective.

With a watery symbol and so much water-energy around generally, your emotions will be a focal point.

Glossing over any uncomfortable feelings will not be an option; especially as Mars gets up close and personal with the Full Moon on December 8th when whatever you’ve been suppressing is likely to burst out.

Emotional Well-being is key to creating a nourishing, joyful life and your emotions are part of your inner guidance system, helping you discern your preferences, boundaries and values.

Heed what feels right (or wrong) and be prepared to speak up and take action if something needs to change.

Although frustrations may still be arising (thanks to Mars Retrograde), Mars’ trine to Saturn is bestowing patience and perseverance

… making this a great time to refine and rework existing projects, repair cars and appliances, or refocus on a period of study.

Other great ways this could manifest this month:

  • Recognising a need to step back and respond appropriately rather than react impulsively
  • Choosing respectful, mature actions
  • Taking responsibility for finding better ways and solutions
  • Doing the work needed to heal projections and conflicts in relationships

Opportunities may appear and ideas may flow as the month progresses and you may be seeing synchronicities and signs more than is usual.

This Month’s Full Moon

The Full Moon arrives December 8th at 2:07PM here in Brisbane (AEST), making early December the culmination point of this Lunar Month.

With Mars exactly conjunct the Full Moon, it’s a potent time to become aware of your triggers. Anything that makes you feel frustrated or angry is likely to be more obvious now.

Choose patience and accountability before responding (over blame and reactivity) and watch the magic unfold.

Although Mars is strong in the Full Moon chart, how much energy you’ll have is debatable.

When Mars is retrograde and there’s a strong Piscean/Neptune influence it’s usual to feel a bit under par energetically.

Be gentle with yourself if you’re feeling sad, unwell or tired. Do what you need to nurture yourself through it and know “this too shall pass“.

Jupiter will have made his way to the final degree of Pisces by the Full Moon bringing an increase to compassion and emotions.

It may help to have some tissues handy, watch movies that appeal and write out how you feel each day.

The latter can be very helpful with self-understanding; especially if you’re more reactive than usual. Maybe those outbursts are hiding hurt or a fear of vulnerability.

The Sabian Symbol for this Full Moon is:

The Head of a Robust Youth Changes into that of a Mature Thinker

Sabian Symbol: Gemini 17

This symbol indicates a need for ownership and responsibility to be taken.

It’s a good month for an overall life review, looking at what is and what isn’t working.

To discern what you have control over, what you need to adjust (your communication style, your budget, your plan… ) and where you need to “Let go and let God” so to speak.

Enjoying a gratitude ritual for the good you’re experiencing may help lift your energy further, whereas seeking the lessons from what isn’t working may bring wisdom and a way forward.

Overall there will be a feeling of greater hope and optimism this month and a desire for growth.

Shadows and Other Things That May Arise

Shadows & Things To Be Aware Of This Month:

  • Being too much in the head
  • Miscommunication with loved ones, friends or work colleagues
  • Reactivity / Impatience / Impulsive actions
  • Blame (not being accountable)
  • Toxicity – possibly from repressed anger
  • Bumps, burns, accidents & breakages (these can be indicators of anger, impulsiveness or impatience)
  • Taking on too much / Stress Triggers
  • Over-Dramatising Situations
  • Pushing away your feelings / attempting to suppress them
  • Resurfacing Patterns that you thought were resolved (this can be common, so don’t lose hope)
  • Wanting to move forward too quickly / pushing
  • Frustrations
  • Set Backs
  • Car Trouble

Upcoming Mercury Retrograde

Mercury will enter the shadow zone on December 12th for his upcoming retrograde in earthy Capricorn.

Watch for messages around getting practical, responsible or re-strategising

… and consider a budget rethink if overspending has been an issue.

Something (or someone) may require some serious thought and ‘reigning in’ if future improvements are to eventuate.

Mercury will be retrograde from December 29th 2022 to January 18th 2023 between 8 and 24 degrees of Capricorn.

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