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April Energy Report

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Early April

We enter April at the tail end of the lunar cycle with Mercury; now moving direct, set for his final meeting with Neptune on the 2nd.

Expect a sensitive and potentially tired start to the month.

Energetic protection is a must for those sensitive souls that collect everyone else’s energy and a strong grounding and protection routine is advised.

April’s New Moon on the 5th (4th for those in the Northern Hemisphere) brings a boost of motivation and an uplift in the energy; as well as a reminder to look after your own needs first – one cannot pour from an empty cup 😉

Jupiter will turn retrograde on the 10th moving ‘seemingly backwards’ between the degrees of 24 and 14 degrees of Sagittarius between now and mid-August.

It’s time to get up close and personal with your inner wisdom and to check that your life is still heading in the direction that you want it to; preferably in-keeping with your moral compass and ensuring you’re growing in a way that’s fulfilling to you.

Jupiter Retrograde also poses the question – “Where might you have taken on too much?”.

Look for lessons around judgement and tolerance – what do these mean on a personal level?


Mid April

As we move towards the Libran Full Moon on the 19th, relationships issues are likely to come to the fore, so ensure you deal with problems as they arise and don’t leave them to escalate!

When Venus moves into Aries on the 20th, she’ll make it easier for you to ask for what you desire, but you’ll want to ensure that you’re being assertive and not aggressive – these two approaches usually lead to very different outcomes 😉

The Sun will head into Taurus on the 20th ushering in a month when matters related to physical security, our bodies and our possessions are likely to be at the fore.

Slow and steady usually wins the race with Taurus, so remember the saying ‘More Haste, Less Speed’.

Taurus likes thorough, persistent and patient action!

With Venus (planetary ruler of Taurus) moving through Aries this month expect to feel motivated when it comes to your finances, values and/or going after what you desire; including romantically.

Those with Taurus ruling their 4th house may suddenly feel inspired to beautify their home.


Late April

Pluto will turn retrograde on the 25th April; followed shortly after by Saturn on the 30th – both in the sign of Capricorn.

This is a great period for a detox, but expect delays to arise.

You are now gifted the opportunity to re-visit the foundations of your projects/life/relationships and to restructure them into a more solid, workable format.

Strengthen boundaries, release what isn’t needed, say ‘No’ when it’s needed …

… and reshape your model.

For those with strong Capricorn in their charts – especially between 20 to 23 degrees (Pluto**) and 14 to 20 degrees (Saturn*) or currently receiving transits from these points – this is a great time for personal transformation and empowerment!

Uranus in Taurus will remain conjunct the Sun as we move into May, so expect the unexpected and a few surprises!

Look for innovative solutions and choose to see the excitement in change.

*Saturn will be retrograde until mid-September.

**Pluto will be retrograde until early-October.

Lunar Landscape

The New Moon on 5th April falls in the sign of Aries prompting new beginnings when it comes to asserting for our needs. To read more on this energy click here.

The Full Moon on 19th April will fall in Libra and could herald a crisis of some sort.  To read more on this energy click here.


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