Full Moon in Libra – April 2019

Libra CategoryApril’s Full Moon falls on the 19th April at 09:13pm here in Brisbane (AEST, GMT+10). (click for a time conversion).

Where is the Lunar Energy likely to impact you?

Those of you who have my E-Book – Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness – and a copy of your own chart, might like to check the house axis over which this Full Moon will fall.

This can be a good indicator of which area of life you are likely to feel the greatest effect.

The significant degrees for this Full Moon are: 29 degrees and 07 seconds of Aries and 29 degrees and 07 seconds of Libra.

You can order the E-Book here if you’d like a copy.


So what is the Full Moon bringing us?


Potential Relationships Woes and Communication Troubles 

Libran Full Moons tend to highlight relationships – “I” versus “The Other”, so don’t be surprised if you’re finding issues are coming to a head; possibly involving communications with others – especially in the week leading up to this Full Moon.

It’s just showing you what needs to be addressed!

And that could mean within a relationship or it could mean something personal where another person has triggered you in some way and led you to a pain point.

Are you finding a repeat of whatever came up for you at the March Full Moon (which also fell in Libra) or is this something new?

With both Uranus and Pluto aspecting the Full Moon, power struggles may feature (don’t we all love a few of those!) and it could be make or break time.

The Mars/Neptune square indicates that the way forward is through compassionate action – and that includes looking after your own energy, so ramp up that protection and be kind to yourself!

You could be also super-sensitive to undercurrents right now.

What are you tuning into?


Steer Clear of Drama, Rise to the Challenge

This could be a month when it’s easy to get swept up in other people’s drama, so why not choose to be different and opt to stay as grounded and centred as you can instead.

With a clear head you’re more likely to see solutions and less likely to be pulled into what could be some sort of crisis.

Pluto is moving very slowly right now, so the atmosphere could feel a little intense and heavy.

Find some quiet time to sit and meditate and see if you can intuit where you’re being asked to transform.

Empowerment doesn’t just breeze through. It tends to come through digging deep!

How are you being challenged to grow?

Maybe there’s something about the way you communicate – or your lack of clear communication.

Maybe you need to assert more strongly for your values?

Maybe there needs to be a greater breadth of fairness or balance?

Or maybe someone’s asking too much of you…

Fears related to personal and/or material security could also be arising.


Strengthen Your Intuition and Focus

If you’re experiencing a lack of focus tending to your spiritual needs could help – be it Yoga, Meditation or even playing music.

Allow yourself regular breaks and watch your intuition come through!

Your Higher Self has your back.


Much Love,



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