Energy Reports – How To Guide

What Are Energy Reports?


Hi and Welcome to Mother Earth Astrology’s Energy Reports.

The energy discussed here is the energy that is having an impact on most of the population; the over-riding theme of the moment, considering planetary retrogrades, major transits and the lunar energy (New and Full Moons) of each month.


How To Use Them


There are two ways to use these reports.

  • Empowerment Astrology

Not everything that happens in your life is about you, but the way that those events, people and situations make you feel is.

Empowerment Astrology is about taking responsibility for your personal reactions, your thoughts and your feelings.

Being courageous enough to confront, work-through and dispel your fears, limiting-beliefs and weaknesses, so that you can live a more fulfilling and joyful life.

The first step of such a process is self-awareness, because many of us act out our lives at a subconscious level of emotional reactions and ingrained patterns that can be difficult to change.

Without being consciously aware of how we contribute to our lives, we can feel blown about in the whirl of daily life and we can turn to blame and annoyance rather than seeing that we have the power to change our personal circumstances through our words and our actions.

Self-awareness is the first purpose of these reports.


It is recommended that you combine these energy reports with your choice of transformational therapy.

It is not recommended that you use your new-found awareness to berate and bemoan about yourself – that won’t change anything.

Remember that you are human and every human on the planet is learning and working through such behaviours.

What we all need is greater self-compassion and greater self-love.

It is love that shines a light in the darkness and it is love that nurtures and nourishes.

Please be self-loving as you navigate this process.


  • Preparation

The second purpose is to give you a heads-up on what’s coming up energetically, so that you can be prepared and plan your month accordingly.

If you’re planning a business launch or the purchase of a new home, it’s best not to do so during a period of Venus Retrograde; for example (Venus is the Money Planet).


Astrological Degrees 

I give the degrees of the astrological activity throughout the report for those who wish to go a little deeper and see where the energy is likely to play out within their lives.

To do this you will need the copy of your birth chart.

Each birth chart is made up of 12 houses and each house relates to an area of life.


If Venus is retrograde (seemingly moving backwards) between 16 and 1 degrees of Taurus and those degrees fall within your 2nd house then that period is likely to be about your self-worth, your relationship to money and/or your personal belongings.

If that area falls within your 7th house, then it’s more likely to be about your personal relationship and your love life.


What’s not covered


This is not a monthly energy report by sun sign.

Although Sun Sign Astrology certainly has its place, not every person of a particular sun sign will experience the energy of the month equally and there are many reasons for that.

The purpose of the monthly energy report is to attune you to what is happening right now in the skies above and how that energy tends to play out.


Please also bear in mind that this is the predominant theme of the month ahead.

There may be other planetary energies interacting with your chart in ways unique to you.

The only way to discern the latter is through a personal chart reading, which you can book by contacting me at:

Much Love, Toria xo


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