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Saturn Retrograde 2022

Saturn will be retrograde between June and October 2022.

As we came out of the Eclipse portal, you may have been feeling life is hard or that it’s lost it’s magic.

That’s because Saturn has been slowing down.

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NEW MOON IN GEMINI – Patience, Surrender, Potential Delays.

The New Moon in Gemini arrives as Saturn prepares to station-retrograde.

Patience and surrender may be necessary, as projects stall and endings are experienced.

Give yourself time to adjust and trust all will unfold in time.

This is a great month to restrategise and work on the ideas or repairs that arose during Mercury’s Retrograde period.

Well-considered action can lead to growth and achievement.

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Libra New Moon – intentions FOR PEACE – OCT 2021

This New Moon set intentions for greater peace.

October will be an interesting month with 3 planets set to turn direct before an intense Aries Full Moon.

That signals greater momentum, but in which direction will we be heading?

Beauty and Fairness will be important.

Make this Lunar Cycle an Empowering one by re-connecting with your desires.

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