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New moon solar eclipse in gemini – june 10th 2021

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Gemini encourages fun intentions.

With Mercury still retrograde and a square to Neptune, watch for communication mix ups

But – also be open to new ideas!

Pad around, test the waters, research and take your time.

Change actioned during June could have far-reaching effects, but best to hold back until the 23rd when Mercury will station-direct.

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Eclipse Portal:Full Moon lunar Eclipse – May & NEW moon solar eclipse june

May and June bring Eclipse Season with Mercury and Saturn both retrograde.

Eclipse portals bring change and with the second hit of the Saturn/Uranus square exacting, tension may arise.

Trust your inner guidance, honour your emotions and keep things clear!
Retrograde energy brings the chance for re-alignment and deep inner work.

Will the Saturn/Uranus square bring further lock downs or surprising news?

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius

The New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius is our final New Moon of 2020.

We came into this year under Eclipse energy & we exit this year under Eclipse energy also.

Add to that two potent Astrological Cycles

– one at the start of the year & one at the end & well – we have a year such as 2020!

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