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News & Mindset Shifts

The New Moon, Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius exacts at 05:42pm on Saturday 4th December here in Brisbane (AEST) (click for a time conversion)

As this is a South Node Solar Eclipse, it good for release – i.e. forgiveness, shifts in mindset & letting go of things that irk you.

Also great for engaging in conversations that seek to understand rather than condemn and to relinquish aspects of the following traits, so they cease to be reflected in collective consciousness:

  • Intolerance
  • Negative Expressions of Judgement
  • Self-Righteousness
  • Exaggeration of Truth
  • Opinionatedness (is that a word? :O) )

With Mercury up-close with the Sun and Moon & Uranus inconjunct, it’s likely there’ll be surprising news linked to Sagittarius themes; such as:

  • Freedom (or perhaps lack of it, as Saturn (rules, limitation) is still dispositing Jupiter (ruler of this New Moon))
  • Travel
  • Study, High Schools or other Places of Education.
  • Horses (well, I couldn’t leave them out 😉 )
  • The Big Picture

Sensitivity, Confusion & Enhanced Creativity

This will be a Super Moon with the Moon reaching her lunar perigee shortly after the New Moon exacts; meaning the effects of this Solar Eclipse could be felt strongly and bring an increase in sensitivity.

Mercury squares Neptune adding an idealistic vibe, which can be wonderfully creative; great for the imagination and visualisations.

When it comes to every day tasks, however, you may need to be extra clear, as this transit can be misleading and confusion could arise.

Perhaps directions from those in power may prove a little vague around this New Moon requiring further clarity by the Full Moon on 19th December.

Given the landscape for brain fog and communication issues, early December isn’t a great time for making key decisions, so if it’s not urgent maybe put it aside and wait until you’re sure.

Overwhelm and the Psychic-Sponge* factor could be strong, so remember to protect your energy accordingly.

New Moon / New Beginnings

New Moons usher in new beginnings; especially so when they’re eclipses – and especially when the degree of the Sun and Moon triggers a potent point in your birth chart.

This one falls at 12 degrees and 21 seconds of Sagittarius, so look where that resides for you.

Which houses (areas of life) are being illuminated?

Remember to set an intention during this New Moon phase (Dec 4th 5:42pm to Dec 7th 10:50pm), write it down and put it where you can see it.

Then take action over the next 6 months to bring it into your reality.

Enhanced Psychological Awareness

Eclipse energy often brings unconscious traits into awareness; making Eclipse Seasons a great time to work on your psyche – based on what arises in the area of your life they’re affecting.

If you’d like to understand more about your chart, you’ll find my E-Book ‘Introductory Tips for Astrological Self Awareness’ here.

The purpose of being gifted such knowledge is not intended to inconvenience you, although you may wish to view it that way.

The power of eclipses is they enable you to relinquish what’s holding you back from fuller self-expression and joy.

For example, you could receive insight that leads you to

  • Release blocks,
  • Heal relationships,
  • Take greater care,
  • Be more responsible / socially aware
  • Clear Resistance

Impulsive Actions, Reactivity & Honing Wisdom

You may feel restless, impulsive, reactive or connect with resentment this lunar month

… or wee more of this happening around you.

This is a great month to clear anger and protect your energy; especially from those inclined to going over the top or who tend to be intolerant or judgmental.

Sagittarius is the sign of truth and wisdom.

The most important truth being the one that resides in your heart, which leads you on the path to personal fulfillment.

It may feel more tricky than ever to listen to that when there’s so much noise, but this lunar month it’s essential to tune in.

Meditation is a great idea, as is time spent alone pondering your values, beliefs and aspirations.

Sagittarius Intentions

With the sign of Sagittarius in the spotlight, you may feel inclined to set intentions that relate to:

  • Increasing your sense of Freedom (financial freedom, health freedom, more down time are thing too 😉 )
  • Travel Plans, Adventures & Spontaneity
  • Increasing Time Outdoors or enjoyment of Outdoor Sports
  • Personal Growth
  • Increasing Knowledge – through:
    • Higher learning,
    • Courses,
    • Spiritual Retreats,
    • Books
    • Podcasts …
  • Honing Inner Wisdom –
    • Meditation Retreats
    • Meditation Practice
    • Visualisations …
  • Seeking Avenues for Self Expression

Pick one, write it down and envision it; sending your arrow strong and clear into the skies.

Then take action to bring your goal to fruition by mid-year 2022; step by step.

Venus Retrograde – Values, Finances & Beauty

Venus turns retrograde this month just as the Full Moon exacts, but you’re likely already tuning into this phenomenon and what it means for you as she navigates the shadow zone*.

*the degrees over which she will later backtrack whilst retrograde.

Venus will move ‘seemingly backwards’ between 26 and 11 degrees of Capricorn between December 19th 2021 and 29th January 2022 when we can Expect:

  • A Rethink of our Desires and Values
  • Some relationship intensity
  • Contemplation of Future Direction and Ambitions
  • Money Lessons; especially around Success vs. Lack
  • To feel more inward, reflective and quiet
  • Reversals in fortune – perhaps sudden and unexpected (thanks to Uranus transiting Venus’ sign).
  • Reunions with old friends or lovers
  • Opportunities to see where we may be:
    • Undervaluing Ourselves
    • Lacking in Self Worth
    • Allowing fear or inadequacy to run the show

It can help to look back 8 years to what happened the previous time Venus retrograded through this sign and you may be surprised (Astrology always surprises me!) at the relevance of that time with what’s happening now.

The previous time Venus turned retrograde in Capricorn was December 2013 when we were experiencing economic uncertainty here in Australia – not surprisingly, as Venus is the money planet after-all.

Many people (including me) lost their jobs or positions at that time.

Fast Forward 8 years and we now have job losses due to mandates.

The 2013 job losses came on suddenly and the announcements were made as Venus moved through the shadow zone.

The same scenario is playing out for many today with the announcement of the mandates as Venus moves through the shadow zone with the mandates (at least in Brisbane) coming into play December 17th 2 days before Venus reverses.

This is a very good time to work on your money mindset

… and to remember that even when surprising events happen that appear to be disastrous – it doesn’t mean that things aren’t working out for you.

In my case, my end of job also happened to occur with my finding out I was pregnant and I was concerned no one would take me on because of that

… and yet I was employed again within a few weeks and I still work with the same company now 🙂

Sagittarius energy reminds us to keep the faith and remain optimistic – certainly not always easy.

And potentially less easy with Neptune so strong at this New Moon; having just turned stationary-retrograde.

Neptune can increase sensitivity and the imagination, which can see your mind wandering off into all kinds of scenarios.

Clearing your fears can help enormously.

Saturn’s Strength Remains, but could there be a Softening after December 29th?

Given the Astrology around this New Moon, it’s wise to use this month for inner seeking and personal development.

The Venus/Pluto conjunction, which accompanies Venus Retrograde could take you deep, but remember – the deeper you go, the more treasure you have to find!

Jupiter is the ruler of this New Moon/Eclipse, but he remains under the strength of Saturn for much of December when constraints and restrictions are likely to dampen his usual optimism and desire to spread his wings.

That could start to change, however, as he shifts into Pisces on December 29th bestowing his benevolence on the underdog.

As Pisces is a sign he rules he will no longer be under the influence of Saturn and will be strongly placed.

With Neptune also placed in his own sign in Pisces 2022 could be a particularly rewarding time for Pisceans and in the area of life that Pisces rules in your chart (the house denotes the area of life).

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