Taurus Season – New Moon in Aries / Full Moon in Scorpio – ECLIPSE SEASON

Taurus Season and its corresponding Lunar Cycle 

– Key Dates and Degrees

New Moon / Solar Eclipse = 20.04.2023 | 29 degrees, 50 seconds | Aries

Full Moon / Lunar Eclipse = 06.04.2023 | 14 degrees, 58 seconds | Scorpio

Mercury Retrograde = 21st April to 15th May

Pluto Retrograde = 2nd May to 11th October

The Lunar Month Ahead

Although officially starting on the 20th, you’re probably feeling the rumble – or downright intensity – of our next lunar cycle, which also happens to be Eclipse Season.

An Eclipse Season with a Mars signature, as we welcome a Solar Eclipse New Moon in Aries and a Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio.

Ooh! that’s potent!

Also featuring this month is Mercury’s retrograde through Taurus and Pluto slowing down to turn retrograde early May.

Think slow-burn, deep emotions.

Be open to what comes up and expect to have to repair, revisit or rework something.

If it’s happening (or arising), there’s a reason, even if it’s just that you need to process something that’s been buried down deep a long time.

The build up to the full moon could be especially tricky, but the whole month will likely require emotional honesty and patience.

Put pen to paper when it all gets too much and you might just write yourself a number one hit, whether a song or best-selling book.

Exercise can help with emotional intensity, as can channeling the excess energy into your goals, but don’t do this as a way to avoid your feelings.

Eclipses bring change and change doesn’t usually turn out well when it’s instigated from avoidance.

New Moon in Aries

The Sabian Symbol for the New Moon is:

“A Duck Pond And Its Young Brood”

Sabian Symbol: Aries 30

… indicating that home and family (or those, who feel like family) will be an important theme.

This is further echoed by Mars’ placement in Cancer and could also extend to friendship groups and work teams.

Do you feel you belong, that you’re safe and nurtured appropriately?

With the advent of the recent Sun/Jupiter synodic cycle, this new moon is kick-starting a new phase of growth in the houses of your chart ruled by Aries and Taurus.

Whatever life-area those houses represent is a place needing space and an avenue for further development.

Find out the meaning of the houses here.

Aries energy is motivating and dynamic, but it can also bring out impatience, frustration and anger – resentment if that anger has been buried a while.

Anger letters could prove useful in helping you uncover the real meaning of your emotional funk (it’s often not really what you think it is).

Click here to access a useful .pdf – dealing with anger effectively

Being forewarned and a little more skilled in anger management might just stop you blowing up or taking it out on the wrong person.

Mercury will slow down to turn retrograde just hours after the New Moon when you’ll likely feel more withdrawn, quiet and less in the mood to socialise (for a few weeks).

As the Moon carries her light from Aries to Taurus, the Sun takes us into Taurus Season and the pace slows.

A reminder that anything worth doing will probably take a little time.

You may be dealing with revisions, rework and delays. Trust they’re necessary and try to be patient.

Writing out your feelings on the 21st could bring insight as Mercury, the Moon and Uranus align, or perhaps you’ll connect with an idea that you’d like to mull over.

There’s plenty of psychic energy around week beginning 24th April, as Pluto slows ready to station-retrograde on the 2nd May. You may need to up energetic protection, process a little deeper

… and contemplate what practical steps are necessary to ensure you feel more empowered about the life you’re creating and the security you need.

As this New Moon falls at the anueretic degree – AND it’s an eclipse, it’s a powerful one.

Changes between now and October could come swiftly (albeit a few delays from Mercury’s retrograde) and out of the blue (thanks to the Mercury/Uranus alignment).

Venus in Gemini reminds you of the need for fun and flexibility, as Uranus shakes up any comfort zones that have become a little ‘groundhog day’.

The Sabian Symbol for the Full Moon is:

“Children Playing Around Five Mounds Of Sand”

Sabian Symbol: Scorpio 15

This symbol can speak of not taking life too seriously & remembering to enjoy the process as you mold and create your life experience.

Although it’s good to be aware of consequences (and all choices have them), this image gives a feeling of safety and indicates a need to embody lighthearted play with how you’re choosing to ‘do life’.

Scorpio Moons bring intensity and the ability to focus, whilst Saturn’s contact with the nodes is adding discipline helping you go the distance with what’s starting to take shape.

The Taurus Stellium (North Node, Mercury, Sun, Uranus) may indicate a surprising turn of events or news that acts as a catalyst and brings an opportunity your way.

More likely if the planetary line up is directly influencing your chart.

This could feel exciting, terrifying or a mixture of both.

Clearing fears around change could be helpful.

Scorpio is a deep, mysterious and often psychic sign and with Pluto stationing retrograde in the run up to the Full Moon, there’s plenty of magnetism & potency

… but also angst & perhaps a draw to looking back on past times, whilst Mercury/Uranus could rumble up strong emotions that take you by surprise

Tears and tantrums may force you to re-orient your values and take practical action in how you move forward from here.

Looking back at the sabian symbol – the children will grow and the sand mounds will eventually dissipate.

Nothing is forever and neither should it be.

Saturn in Pisces, along with a growing Venus/Neptune square could have you chasing ideals and (coupled with Mercury Retrograde) longing for what once was.

Although a touch of nostalgia can be lovely, dwelling on the past and finding yourself lacking is a road to depression and you can’t live your life from a place of regret.

There’s always the chance to start over – and those past experiences have likely taught you a great deal and shaped you into the person you now are.

Mercury and Uranus flank the Sun at the Full Moon in practical Taurus, perhaps asking you to remain grounded with perspective, whilst Venus in playful Gemini sextiles Jupiter and beckons to you to ride the fun bus and lift your vibration to gratitude of what’s worked out well.

If you find you’re tending towards darker emotions, a morning ritual of writing out what you do appreciate can help shift your mood, as can choosing to see yourself compassionately.

We all cock things up from time to time.

This post on emotional maturity that a friend shared with me may help you find a little more self-acceptance.

Renovation and repair work may be strong features of the month, whilst communication mix ups / pain points could present.

It’s sometimes better to write what you’d like to say, giving yourself time to re-read, re-formulate and re-edit until the message is clear

… and it definitely helps to write in a journal to clarity feelings if you’re on the healing path and finding this month tricky.

You could also feel the urge to declutter, purge and renovate physically – either in your home or by starting a new health routine.

Changes started now and stuck to will likely bear some fruit around October.

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