Category: New Moons

New Moon in Libra – Deepening Love, Sacred Rituals & The Dawn of a New Day

The New Moon in Libra brings the opportunity to deepen relationships and embrace rituals that bring you closer to your inner light.

Take the time to appreciate the beauty in your life and seek to create more of it this month.

The path to your dreams is helped by a Saturn/Mars trine bringing extra commitment and the ability to patiently and diligently go after what you want.

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New Moon in Cancer – Prioritise Self Care

The New Moon in Cancer ushers in a month when self care, acceptance and tenderness will be important.

Listen to your needs and intuition as we head into July.

Neptune’s station-retrograde brings tiredness, increased emotional responses and a need to let go.

Set emotions for increased self care and nurture this month and be open to a reality check that allows you to move forward with greater clarity and empowerment.

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NEW MOON IN GEMINI – Patience, Surrender, Potential Delays.

The New Moon in Gemini arrives as Saturn prepares to station-retrograde.

Patience and surrender may be necessary, as projects stall and endings are experienced.

Give yourself time to adjust and trust all will unfold in time.

This is a great month to restrategise and work on the ideas or repairs that arose during Mercury’s Retrograde period.

Well-considered action can lead to growth and achievement.

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