Mercury retrograde – May / june 2021 & The Second hit of the saturn/Uranus square

Mercury will enter the shadow zone for his 2nd retrograde of 2021 on May 15th 2021 where he will travel through the degrees he will later return to in seemingly backwards motion.

From now until late June, you’ll find yourself contemplating:

  • Unearthed memories that need to be revisited,
  • Belief systems that need to be upgraded
  • and Re-considering what you do for fun.

Gemini is a sign synonymous with connection and lightheartedness, so it’s worth ensuring you’re getting an adequate dose of your joy-fix.

If not, seek ways to include that back into daily life.

Mercury will retrograde from 24 degrees of Gemini back to 16 degrees of Gemini. The house(s) where these degrees reside in your birth chart will give clues as to which area of your life will be most impacted.

Where are you being asked to re-work or re-frame things?

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Relationship Angst Revisited

With Mercury conjunct Venus at the time of his station-retrograde, don’t be surprised if you find yourself revisiting past relationships

… or perhaps past misdemeanors which involve your current beau; especially if the 5th or 7th house of your chart is being highlighted.

The purpose of this will be to root out anything you’re still holding onto – i.e. pain, anger, disappointment … that may be impeding on your future path.

The Moon/Pluto conjunction in place at the time amplifies the emotional charge around this.

Whilst Neptune’s contacts ask you to hold yourself in compassion and try to do the same for the other person.

This is a great time for forgiveness rituals and anything that helps you release and heal emotional wounding.

As Neptune can blur boundaries (and facts!), getting things clear may be necessary to mitigate unnecessary drama.

Self Love & Perspective

Self Love or a Lack of Self Belief can be a factor, so anything that increases self-acceptance is well starred for the month of June.

This retrograde is likely a deep one, so best honour that with compassion and self care and watch for tendencies to anxiety or an over-inflation of fear.

Media reports could well be the source of much of those fears, so do your best to work through what you can (on a personal level) and then consider a T.V fast if that’s possible for you.

Perspective is a good word for the next few weeks!

Communication Mishaps

With Mercury (strongly placed) in his own sign, the usual communication problems will likely be tricky; including (but not limited to) confusing conversations, postal mix-ups, network mayhem, transport delays, misinterpretations …

An extra dose of patience and sensitivity won’t go amiss at this time nor will allowing extra time for any tasks that need completing.

Keep a sense of humour and take some deep, slow breaths.

Heed Health Messages, Slow Down and Honour Extra Responsibilities

Neptune will add to the overall subdued and inward feel of Mercury; possibly bringing tiredness or illness into the mix, as we’re asked to slow down.

Mercury is mind energy and you may feel quickly overwhelmed if you try to push through or sidetrack the issues in front of you.

The next hit of the Saturn/Uranus square will also take place at this time, so it’s important to listen to messages you’re receiving and take responsibility where needed.

This is not the time to sweep things under the carpet; even if you feel it would be easier.

Sometimes we have to take the difficult steps to arrive at the breathtaking view.

Much of this message may revolve around health if you haven’t been taking care of yours.

Mercury is associated with healing and his messages appear in many ways – including aches, pains and those ailments we feel in the body (and often don’t want to face); especially if the 6th house of your chart is impacted by this Mercury Retrograde or the Saturn/Uranus square (Look for planets/points around 13 degrees of the Fixed signs – Taurus, Leo, Scorpio Aquarius)

Consider the future you – is she thriving and healthy?

And if not – Are you happy to leave her travelling as she is right now?

If you’re choosing the latter (and change nothing), do you think things will get better or worse over time?

The former may feel like the difficult path, but in 5 years time, which path will you be happy you’ve taken?

This is the paradox of Saturn (remember we’re in a Saturn/Uranus year).

His lessons are often tough, but his rewards are immense for those willing to put in the work.

We suffer either way, but by choosing to work with Saturn, the pain is often short-lived and brings benefit;

… whereas working against him (i.e. refusing to take responsibility, put in the extra discipline), can bring a world of pain that is long-lived and chronic.

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Money, Money, Money

Of course, another place this may play out is with Finances, so if that’s you, maybe this retrograde is activating your 2nd or 8th houses.

Be prepared to work through your money mindset, set realistic budgets and have some adult conversations around how you break through.

Dig deep, Re-think, Re-work and Rise!

You’ve got this!

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