R is for Ride – How your Mars placement can denote the Type of Exercise you are likely to Enjoy

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Tuesday Tip Off…

R is for Ride 🚴

I have a new love ❤️ in my life. Every Saturday I venture out on my bike 🚴 for an hour. It’s my new Routine and I Really do Relish every moment of it.

Out there on the Road I can feel a sense of freedom. The breeze in my hair 🌬 the sun Rays ☀️ on my skin. I am Relaxed and at peace 🙂

I have a Route that I follow, which enables me a great Range of uphill challenges downhill Rolls 🎢 and steady straights 🛣It’s a little like life.

Today I Realised that the faster I go downhill the easier it is to Ride 🚴 uphill; Reminding me to gather momentum when I can 💫 It’s also good to Remember that sometimes; when life gets a little Rough 🌪 that it’s okay to take it easy; to take a little longer.

Exercising 🏋🏻 frees our bodies of stagnant energy; Releasing pent up emotions. It also helps us to Rid our bodies of toxins 🤒. When we exercise we are able to tap into greater Resources of vitality 👍🏼 and we often find that we connect strongly with our intuition 🙇🏼

For me personally, it’s also a way to grab some much-needed me time and to burn off 🔥 any frustrations of the week. Ensuring that I keep my energy high 🌟 and that I am able to deal with the demands of family life and a frustrated toddler 👶🏼in the best way possible.

I have Mars (planet of action) in Gemini ♊️ in my 5th house so I find that physical activity; such as Riding or Running stimulates my creative expression 📝💛

It’s also interesting how a hill can look enormous at a distance, yet seem much smaller when you’re actually ascending it – another metaphor about fear and the mind there 😉 Sometimes just getting on and doing it is the only answer.

What type of exercise appeals to you?

Depending on other factors*:

Mars in Aries ♈️ is usually self-motivated and enjoys solo sports, challenges and competitions. Mars is in his own sign here – brave and strong. Fencing where the hero gets to show off his prowess at one on-one-combat is a consideration.

Mars in Taurus ♉️ may take a while to get moving, but can be tenacious once going. Something Earthy; such as Yoga beneath the trees may appeal or maybe a bike ride out in nature with the promise of a picnic break half way.

Mars in Gemini ♊️ likes versatility. Gemini rules the lungs so some energetic cardio may be enjoyable. Boxercise where the shoulders are engaged (another Gemini-ruled body part). Change the route or mix it up with different types of exercise to keep yourself focused and engaged.

Mars in Cancer ♋️ is motivated by family. What about taking a day out from working to provide for them and taking the family paddle boarding? – Cancer is a Water sign after all. Followed by a yummy morning tea.

Mars in Leo ♑️ wants to look good out there. This fiery placement will put in the hard yards to ensure that he can be proud of his achievements. Loves to bask in the glory of a win when he can take center podium. Leo rules the heart giving this guy courage.

Mars in Virgo ♍️ loves the health benefits that exercise can bring. Activities such as Yoga will help to quell any anxiety that too many hours in the office or out in the field can bring. Natural foods are a winner here, as Virgo can denote a delicate system and Mars rules the digestion.

Mars in Libra ♎️ is motivated by relationships and may have a few issues getting out the door. Once you’ve ensured that everyone can cope without you, call a friend in need and suggest a walk where you can help them sort out their relationship woes on the way round. Alternatively, pick a route that takes you past a friend’s house and call in for a green smoothie half way.

Mars in Scorpio ♏️ really has to acknowledge that potency and exercise. Mars traditionally rules Scorpio as well as Aries. In Scorpio Mars is intense and powerful. This watery Mars may enjoy some white-water rafting, as he’s secretly a bit of a thrill seeker. High-intensity exercise will also help him to process those deep, psychic emotions.

Mars in Sagittarius ♐️ wants adventure and wide, expansive landscapes to survey whilst working some of that unstoppable energy. The greater the freedom the stronger the pull. Perhaps a fun adventure holiday in some far flung destination or cycling the Alps?

Mars in Capricorn ♑️ is ambitious. Mountaineering (Capricorn’s glyph is the goat) could be enjoyable, as could hiking; taking in the awe-inspiring scenery of Mother Earth. This Mars is patient and responsible and may be a fabulous companion when rock climbing ensuring that his mate is secure with that rope and pulley.

Mars in Aquarius ♒️ loves to exercise as part of a group, perhaps as an effort to raise funds for your favourite charity? Hanging out with mates at the skate park gives you the chance to show off your skills with that quirky bunch of friends with whom you feel total freedom to be yourself. Exercise that helps you to feel grounded will alleviate the tendency to being accident prone and help to quell that potentially over-active nervous system.

Mars in Pisces ♓️ may find connecting with the water -through swimming, for example – helps him to find his focus. Regular meditation will help to lift the fog when he can’t seem to see the wood for the trees. Water and spiritual activities are likely to appeal; strengthening his intuition and bringing clarity to the general day to day.

*Astrology is a complex subject. This post is a look at the pure expression of Mars through the signs. To understand a Mars placement in total the individual chart should always be consulted 😉

Don’t know your natal Mars placement? You can enter your data here and access your chart details immediately from astro.com:

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