S is for Saturn (Retrograde Coming Soon)

Mother Earth Astrology’s A to Z to Wellness

S is also for Saturn

is associated with limitation hard work and responsibility and we tend
to feel rather Serious 😐 when we experience a Strong contact from this
planet within our natal chart.

Lovingly referred to as ‘The Cosmic
Cop’ 󾆡🏽 and ruler of Structure, Saturn energy is what pushes us to
manifest our Seeds 󾁌 into reality.

Saturn is also Strongly
connected with what Scares us (our fears) 󾍁 and our natal Saturn
placement is often indicative of where we feel inadequate.

When we master his lessons 󾔃, however, Saturn becomes our Strength 󾭞🏻

Saturn is Set to turn retrograde (Seemingly backtrack through the Zodiac) very Soon.

When this occurs it is time for us to reassess the Structures that we have in place within our lives.

Saturn in Sagittarius ♐️ will have us asking “Is the life that I’m living in line with my truth?”.

“Which aspects of my life do not align with my core values?”

I’ll be sending out an update when Saturn turns retrograde so watch this space 🙂

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