Truth = The Power to Transform. What is the Language of Your Soul? – New Moon in Gemini 2017 -Dedicated to Chase Walker-Stevens


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Expression through the language of your soul

Gemini’s New Moon will fall on the 26th May at 05:44am here in Brisbane (AEST, GMT+10).

Gemini is the sign associated with connection through communication and, as such, is responsible for expression …

… through the mind via words, ideas, song…

… or through the body via dance, Art forms…

Which form speaks most strongly to you?

Intense and Powerful Communication

Pluto is sesquiquadrate this New Moon bringing in some intensity and the potential for powerful emotions.

Add in Neptune’s square and an opposition from The Black Moon in. Sagittarius and global compassion could be a key point in global transformation in relation to truth this month and the uncovering of corruption (Pluto in Capricorn).

Right now here in Brisbane, a 4 year old non-verbal boy is touching the hearts of thousands, as his parents fight the medical industry for their right to continue to administer organic fruits and vegetables and medicinal cannabis in place of the ten medications that he was on and that were killing him.

Chase has been thriving in his parent’s care (he was previously having 50 seizures a day, which have now been considerably reduced) and yet last Friday, he was forcibly removed from his parents.

His parents do not know where he is.

They are due in court this morning to fight yet another custody battle for him (they’ve won the previous ones).

Please send them your prayers.

Communication comes in many guises and if you play this short video of Chase laughing I’m sure you’ll see nothing but the purest soul sharing a very special and loving moment with his mother…

If you’d like to lend your support to this family, you can do so by liking and following their Facebook page and by signing this petition, which is receiving incredible support.

Potential for Increased Sensitivity and Flowing through Change

Neptune’s square with this New Moon, which is likely to raise sensitivity and compassion may also bring the potential for confusion.

Meditation, Music and/or some other form of spiritual engagement should help to clear any mind fog.

This is great ‘flow’ energy, so tuning into your inspiration and letting your heart lead may be the smoothest way forward.

Dance it, Draw it, Sing it, Meditate on it, Feel it…


Forward Momentum and the Integration of Change

With Mars also currently travelling through Gemini and with Gemini’s ruler (Mercury) now direct, you’re likely to find an increase in forward momentum around this New Moon.

Gemini energy is versatile, adaptable and curious, so it’s a great energy for:

  • Stimulating the mind (i.e. through a form of study, engaging conversations)
  • Instigating change
  • Communicating your needs

Mercury (currently travelling through Taurus) is the ruler of this New Moon and is triggering the Saturn/Uranus Trine in the New Moon chart.

This energy will be with us until early November 2017; likely bringing perseverance and patience to put inspired ideas or insights into practice.

Perhaps you were privy to some of these during Mercury’s recent retrograde (and his hangout with Uranus)?

It’s also probable that the changes you’ve been going through during the last 7+ years (since late 2009) are now becoming more integrated into your life, making them less of a challenge.

What are you now embodying and what needs a little more grounding?

What intentions could you set under this New Moon that will either help you to assimilate those changes further or enable you to move forward in a way that honours them?

Perhaps you’re:

  • Assessing previously held belief systems
  • Breathing new life into areas that feel a little stagnant or
  • Implementing healthy boundaries.


Communication of Needs in Relationships, Redressing the Balance

With a growing trine to Jupiter in Libra, some of those changes may pertain to your communication style or redressing the balance in your relationships.

Are you communicating your needs to your loved ones and do you feel heard?

The Quest for Freedom and Truth and our Responsibility to Mother Earth

The Black Moon (representative of The Divine Feminine and what has been suppressed) is strong again at this New Moon; pushing for greater truth and freedom of expression, which may not always feel comfortable.

Are you speaking and embodying your truth?

 Which area of your life is likely to be affected by this New Moon?

Where does this New Moon fall within your natal chart?

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Look for 4 degrees and 46 seconds of Gemini, which is the position of the New Moon.

What does that house (area of life) represent?

Are there any planets, which fall at (or very close to) 6degrees within your natal chart?

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