Scorpio Related Essences

These Bush Flower Essences are related to the energy of Scorpio*.

They are recommended to assist those experiencing Scorpio-related excess or deficiency during the months when the New or Full Moon falls in Scorpio.

They are also good to explore when you have this sign prominent in your chart to see where you might benefit from them.

To Use:

1) Identify the emotional issue you are experiencing.

2) Click on it from the selections below.

3) You will now see the essences that can help you to move forward.

4) Read the description of the essences to see which one most applies to you and the issue you are experiencing.

If you do not see the emotional issue that you are looking for, please click on the search option on the website and search for it, as it may be listed under another Zodiac sign.

It is recommended to use only one essence at a time.

*Associations are taken from the book Bush Flower Healing by Ian White.

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