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Time to Relinquish Judgement and To Open to Optimism & Trust – Mercury Reverses into Sagittarius

At 12:17am this morning (AEST) Mercury reversed into Sagittarius on his retrograde journey. With Mercury currently disposited by Jupiter in Libra, you may now receive insights that enable you to reflect upon your relationships; family or otherwise. Where do you feel stifled and uninspired? Is it time to consider how you can rework your life […]

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Mother Earth Astrology’s A to Z to Wellness. W is for Wisdom

Wisdom. What exactly is it? Wisdom to me is something that comes from within. Sometimes, others appear on our path that help lead us to our own wisdom, but wisdom to me is always internal. That doesn’t mean that we can’t perceive wisdom in others. There are many wise souls walking this Earth, who are […]

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