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Readjustments on The Path – Jupiter Retrograde 2017

Does it feel like something has stalled somewhat this week? Likely in an area of your life that was moving along nicely and where you were expecting a continued sense of expansion and growth? I’m feeling it too!! The sense that what was free flowing; literally moments ago, is now starting to ebb a little. […]

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Time to Relinquish Judgement and To Open to Optimism & Trust – Mercury Reverses into Sagittarius

At 12:17am this morning (AEST) Mercury reversed into Sagittarius on his retrograde journey. With Mercury currently disposited by Jupiter in Libra, you may now receive insights that enable you to reflect upon your relationships; family or otherwise. Where do you feel stifled and uninspired? Is it time to consider how you can rework your life […]

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