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What Gifts do you bring? – The Sun Moves into Aquarius

Tomorrow morning (20th January 2017) at 07:24am (AEST) the Sun will enter the sign of Aquarius signalling a month to honour  innovation, individuality and your unique self. What gifts do you bring to humanity when you stand in the light of your own truth? What are you here to do/to be/to offer? Aquarius ushers forth […]

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The Sun moves into Scorpio heralding a Month of Focus, Intensity, Passion and Transformation – Sun Sign Self Awareness Series – Video 7

Here’s my latest video in The Sun Sign Self Awareness Series, which I created this morning. Today, I discuss the energy of Scorpio and what to expect over the next month in relation to the Sun’s transit through this sign. Wishing you a powerful and transformational month. Much Love, Toria xo P.S. if you’d like […]

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The Sun Moves Into Virgo & Our Upcoming Mercury Retrograde …

Hello Lovely You 😀 Here’s a short video discussing the Sun’s ☀️ move into Virgo ♍️ early this morning. If you’d like to know what that could mean for you with regards to the energy ✨🙌🏻✨ shift for this month then just click play 😀 I also give you a quick heads up of what […]

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