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Honouring the Uncertainty as we Traverse from the Old to the New – The Process of Awakening and the Fall Out from The Saturn/Neptune Square

  Last night, I listened to a webinar that was run by a life coach. In it, she said that one of the keys to a successful business (and life) was to understand your personal values and to set achievable goals around what you want in your life. So, I sat down with pen and […]

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The Final Hit of the Saturn/Neptune Square – Loss, Confusion and the Necessity of Letting Go

On Saturday (September 10th 2016) Saturn and Neptune will make their final connection within our skies. I know!! I feel like whipping out the bunting and throwing a street party too; albeit with a sombre face and a downcast and exhausted-looking group of guests!! It’s been a difficult year. I’m all for looking at the […]

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