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Mercury retrograde through aquarius

The end of January will bring our first Mercury Retrograde of 2021, which will move through the sign in the hot seat at the minute – Aquarius.

A new World is birthing and in that, we must give ourselves time to adjust, integrate & re-establish our way forward.

Chaos in all its disruption & unsettling is a harbinger for change.

Keep things simple & consider decluttering & scaling back to re-focus

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Feeling Blocked, Delayed or Uninspired? The Call for Consideration, Patience and Rework as more planets turn Retrograde

Want insight into the month ahead? Sign up for my Newsletter here. There are times when all attempts at forward momentum seem futile. This morning was certainly one of them for me, which is no surprise with the amount of heavy traffic currently circulating around our Solar System. With Venus and Jupiter already retrograde (seemingly […]

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