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Aries Season – New Moon in Aries / Full Moon in Libra

Happy New (Astrological) Year to you!!

Not only are we welcoming a new Lunar Month AND the start of another 12 months around the Zodiac!

… but this time, we’re also dancing to a different beat!

Saturn’s move into Pisces on March 7th and Pluto’s shift to Aquarius on the 23rd are creating a whole new vibe.

Welcome to a new era on Earth!!

The next 20 years will bring lots of change & that’s something to feel excited about.

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The Aries New Moon falls on April 1st; ushering in a new month and a new lunar cycle.

Boundaries, energetic protection and management of moods will all help with the influx of Piscean energy.

This is a month to re-think your goals, dream big and balance the magical with the practical.

Happy April!

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