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Aries Season – New Moon in Aries / Full Moon in Libra

Happy New (Astrological) Year to you!!

Not only are we welcoming a new Lunar Month AND the start of another 12 months around the Zodiac!

… but this time, we’re also dancing to a different beat!

Saturn’s move into Pisces on March 7th and Pluto’s shift to Aquarius on the 23rd are creating a whole new vibe.

Welcome to a new era on Earth!!

The next 20 years will bring lots of change & that’s something to feel excited about.

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As the Sun moves to Aries, he ushers in the Equinox (Autumn here in the Southern Hemisphere, Spring in the Northern Hemisphere).

As well as the Astrological New Year (Aries being the first sign of the Zodiac).

The Equinox chart says we can expect the stop/start energy of recent years to continue for a while longer

And that we’ll be called deeper into the heart, as the divine feminine rises and brings the over-emphasis on the mental plane (logic-based living) into balance.

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March Equinox 2021 – Happy (Astrological) New Year!

As the Sun moves into Aries, we celebrate the Astrological New Year.

A time to emerge re-birthed into another round of the Zodiac, as we step into a new energetic shift of what this year will bring to us.

Expect a return in motivation and a desire to get back on the wheel of life, as the Saturn/Uranus square asks that we honour where we’re at and do what we can to bring effective, balanced change into our lives as we up-level and move forward.

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