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Gemini Season: New Moon in Taurus, Full Moon in Sagittarius

With a powerful T Square exacting around the New Moon and a line up of planets in Taurus, this lunar month brings transformation and the energy to make some seismic shifts.

June’s Full Moon in Sagittarius is optimistic, reminding of the need to keep the bigger picture in mind, as well as divine magic and timing.

Venus and Mars move to Leo this month upping warmth and romance, whilst Pluto moves back to Capricorn to complete the last round of intense self-development & ensure your ambitions remain on track.

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FULL MOON IN SAGITTARIUS – Optimism and Motivation can Bring Results

The Full Moon in Sagittarius says optimistic, inspired action can lead to success, but it will require self discipline and focus.

Sagittarius energy loves freedom, adventure and spontaneity. If travel isn’t an option right now, creating a destination mood board may prove uplifting

As could walks in nature.

Watch for anger and lack mentality from June 7th to June 14th and deal with frustrations accordingly.

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Eclipse Portal:Full Moon lunar Eclipse – May & NEW moon solar eclipse june

May and June bring Eclipse Season with Mercury and Saturn both retrograde.

Eclipse portals bring change and with the second hit of the Saturn/Uranus square exacting, tension may arise.

Trust your inner guidance, honour your emotions and keep things clear!
Retrograde energy brings the chance for re-alignment and deep inner work.

Will the Saturn/Uranus square bring further lock downs or surprising news?

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