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The Need For a Safe Haven, Sensuality and Owning Your Inner Power- November’s Full Moon in Taurus 2016

We are currently building to our Full Moon in Taurus, which will be exact at 11:51pm on November 14th here in Brisbane (AEST). The Need to Feel Grounded, Safe and Materially Secure Taurus is a sign associated with sensuality, stability, comfort, security and the Earth (literally the ground beneath our feet). Often dubbed as “the […]

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Perceptive Insights, Powerful Transformations and Probing the Mysteries – New Moon in Scorpio October 2016

We begin our next Lunar Cycle with Monday’s New Moon in the emotionally deep sign of Scorpio. Increased Psychic Intuition, Imagination and Compassion With Scorpio a sign strongly aligned with psychic energy, I love that this New Moon is falling on the 31st October here in Brisbane, as Halloween is often referred to as a […]

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Tipping the Scales for Balance – New Moon in Libra October 2016

I love these New Moons that begin on the 1st of the Month. They feel like a New New Moon. New Moons bring us the opportunity for a new beginning and it’s a good idea to set an intention that you can focus on at or close to the time that the New Moon falls. […]

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