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Feeding our family has been a labour of love for Darren and I.

Darren is a bit of a whizz in the Kitchen – one of those intuitive cooks

… he just knows when to add a little bit of this or that – in just the right quanities

& his favourite dishes to make are savoury & flavourful.

I’m the drinks & dessert person.

I’m a shocker with baking, so nothing groundbaking here, but my skills lie in the simple – converting traditional recipes to vegan and gluten free alternatives, Muffins, Cookies, Raw Cakes, Acai Bowls, Green Smoothies, …

I have a sweet tooth & a love of wholesome, nutritious foods

… the kind that nourish from the inside-out.

We love knowing that the food that goes on our table is setting our kids up for a lifetime of wellbeing & great health.

We cook with organic ingredients & most of our recipes are both Vegan & Gluten Free.

Occasionally, we use Eggs (which Darren doesn’t eat, as he’s fully Vegan), but we will only ever use Eggs from a trusted source.

No added hormones and organically produced from hens that are taken care of and loved.

We believe the energy we bring to our food is an important ingredient.

We hope you enjoy preparing & eating these recipes as much as we have.

Much Love from our table to yours,

Toria & Darrenxo

Breakfast/Brunch Recipes

Teatime Treats

Chocolate Bliss Balls

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Dinner Recipes

Love Your Body - Leek and Potato Soup

 Z is for Zucchini (Benefits and Recipe)

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Natural Medicine

Home Made Medicine

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Morning/Afternoon Tea

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Chocolate Avocado Cake and Cashew Cream Photo Shopped

Raw Chocolate Avocado  Cake With Cashew Cream Dip

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