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Golden ReLeaf Healing Essence 5ml


Golden Re-leaf Healing Essence 5ml (Certified Organic)

A powerful mix of organic seeds, flowers, oils and essences.

Contains: Safflower, 24k Pure Medicinal Gold, Wintergreen, Menthol, Camphor, Clove, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Orange, Arnica & Helichrysum. All ingredients are organic.

Suggested Uses:

Bites and Stings, Stiff Joints, Headaches, Skin Rashes, Toothache, Burns, Scalds, Cold sores, Itching, Swelling, Stiff Neck/Muscle Ache, Bruises, Sprains, Arthritic/Rheumatic Relief, Stomach Ache, Sinus/Cold Relief
  • For Allergies; such as Sinus or Stuffy Nose: Put two to three drops in the palm of your hand and then rub your hands together to heat the oil up. Then cup your hands over your nose and mouth and breathe in through your nose. Move move your hands and exhale. Repeat this for 1 full minute.
  • Asthma: Use as above. You can also rub it into the chest as well as the top of the back around the lung areas.
  • Bug Repellent: Rub Golden ReLeaf upon the skin. Reapply every two hours.
  • Coughs or Motion Sickness: add 1-4 drops of oil to a little water and drink it. Can also be rubbed onto the chest area.
  • No-Doze: To avoid sleep while driving rub a little underneath your nose as well as behind your neck.
  • Stomach Pain: Add 1-4 drops of oil to a little water and drink. Can also be massaged externally over the area of the pain.

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