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BFE - Monga Waratah Dosage Bottle 25ml - Stengthening of One's Will, Clearing Co-Dependency


Monga Waratah Essence 25ml

This powerful Bush Flower Essence enables a Strengthening of the Will leading to Empowerment and the ability to leave unhealthy situations.

Monga Waratah enhances the Inner Strength and the ability to Do things Alone without the Need for Others' Support.

 Negative Conditions                      Positive Outcomes

 * Neediness                                    * Strengthening of One's Will
 * Co-Dependency                           * Reclaiming of One's Spirit
 * Inability To Do Things Alone         * Belief That One Can Break The Dependency
 * Disempowerment                                                of Any Behaviour/Substance or Person
 * Addictive Personality                    * Self Empowerment

Monga Waratah Bush Flower Essence, Purified Water and Brandy (For Preservative Purposes)

Take 7 Drops Under the Tongue or In a Glass of Water Morning and Night

Zodiac Association(s): Leo