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BFE - Gymea Lily Dosage Bottle 25ml - Respect for Others, Humility, Strength to Be You


Gymea Lily Essence 25ml

This Beautiful Bush Flower Essence connects you with a sense of inner strength and power enabling you to stand strong in pursuit of your highest achievement(s) and to confidently be who you are.

Are you ready to find what gives you passion and to follow that passion and to pursue success regardless of other's judgements or viewpoints? 

This essence is also for those who tend to be domineering with a tendency to taking over situations. In this sense, this essence can help you to become aware of others and their need to contribute.

 Negative Conditions                                    Positive Outcomes

 * Arrogance                                                  * Humility
 * Condescension                                          * Allowing Others to Express Themselves and Contribute
 * Craving Status and Glamour                     * Reaching Great Heights
 * Attention Seeking                                      * Ability to Passionately Follow Life Destiny
 * Dominating and Over-Riding Personality  * Strength to Stay at the Top
 * Vain/Overly Proud

Gymea Lily Bush Flower Essence, Purified Water and Brandy (For Preservative Purposes)

Take 7 Drops Under the Tongue or In a Glass of Water Morning and Night

Zodiac Association(s): Leo