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BFE - Crowea Dosage Bottle 25ml - Balances and Centres. Relieves Worry


Crowea Essence 25ml

This Nurturing Bush Flower Essence brings about a sense of Wellbeing and Vitality due to its Strengthening, Calming and Centring effect.

Crowea is the best remedy for worry and can restore a Sense of Ease enabling One to Release Worry.

  Negative Conditions                                    Positive Outcomes      
    * Continual Worrying                                    * Peace and Calm
    * Feeling 'Not Quite Right'                            * Vitality
                                                                         * Balances and Centres

Crowea Bush Flower Essence, Purified Water and Brandy (For Preservative Purposes)

Take 7 Drops Under the Tongue or In a Glass of Water Morning and Night

Zodiac Association(s): Virgo, Cancer