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BFE - Confid Essence Dosage Bottle 25ml


Confid Essence 25ml

This Beautiful Bush Flower Essence Blend helps to Increase One's Self Esteem and Confidence; Enabling One to Feel Comfortable Around Others and Dissolving Negative Subconscious Beliefs Held About the Self.

It Also Resolves Guilt, Empowering One to Step Into One's Personal Power and to Take Responsibility in Creating the Life That is Wanted.

Negative Conditions                          Positive Outcomes

 * Low Self Esteem                             * Confidence
 * Guilt                                                 * Personal Power
 * Shyness                                           * Ability to Take Responsibility for One's Life 
 * Lack of Conviction                           * Integrity
 * Victim Mentality                               * True to One's Self

Dosage Ingredients
A Blend of the Following Flower Essences with Purified Water and Brandy (for Preservative Purposes)
  ->  Boab, Dog Rose, Five Corners, Southern Cross, Sturt Desert Rose

Take 7 Drops Under the Tongue or In a Glass of Water Morning and Night

Zodiac Association(s): Leo