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BFE - Black-Eyed Susan Dosage Bottle 25ml - The Stress Remedy -Patience, Slowing Down, Inner Peace


Black-Eyed Susan Essence 25ml

This Beautiful Bush Flower Essence helps one to Slow Down and Re-Connect with the Flow of Life.

Black-Eyed Susan is 'the stress essence' and one of my favourite remedies.

It is for fast movers and quick thinkers who can often get ahead of themselves and become irritated when delays pop up or others don't perceive things as quickly as they themselves can.

Black Eyed Susan helps to restore Inner Peace and a Sense of Timing. 

 Negative Conditions                                    Positive Outcomes

 * Impatience/Frustration                               * Ability to Turn Inwards and Be Still
 * On the Go                                                  * Slowing Down
 * Continual Expenditure of Energy               * Inner Peace/Calm and Centred
 * Stress                                                         * Patience
                                                                       * Ability to Delegate Work

Black-Eyed Susan Bush Flower Essence, Purified Water and Brandy (For Preservative Purposes)

Take 7 Drops Under the Tongue or In a Glass of Water Morning and Night

Zodiac Association(s): Leo