The Boy Who Found His Pulse – book


Starting your journey of wellness?

Looking for inspiration?

Need a mentor?

Look no further! Because Don Tolman is your man and ‘The Boy Who Found His Pulse’ is the book to start with. It’s a great inspiring story into how a boy, influenced by his Sunday School Teacher and passages from the Bible found his calling. Thus leading to him revolutionising the messaging around health and wellness over the past 30 years and sharing his truth with thousands worldwide.

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A Champion Series Short Story by Don Tolman. He delves deep into his quest to find the ‘Meal of Hercules’. A journey how passion and a thirst for knowledge eventuate into becoming an innovator in the realms of health and wellness.

Don tells of the influence of a Sunday School Teacher and readings from the Bible inspired his mission. And how he used this knowledge for good. Resulting in the creation of teachings and products to support health and wellbeing through the lessons gleaned from nature.

The Boy Who Found His Pulse is a great read for children and anyone who needs an extra boost to follow their heart.

Some of the key lessons Don discovered include:

  • The value of nutrition. What we put into our bodies is what we get out.
  • The importance of fasting and giving our digestive systems a rest. Thus cleansing them from toxic overload, stress, and inflammation.
  • Trust in nature, knowing the answers are always there, if we are open to seeing, hearing, and participating.

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