Sunshine on a Rainy Day: A Book About Re-Finding The Joy in Life – E-Book Only


In this fast-paced World where we’re often told to ‘man up’, ‘chill out’ or ‘pull ourselves together’, I felt it important to write a book about honouring emotions.

As the feminine continues to rise (in both men and women), she’s opening our hearts and bringing waves of love to the Earth; reminding us that we aren’t robots.

Along with basic needs; such as food and shelter, human beings need love and connection.

The purpose of this book is to help you explore, accept and manage your emotional state; placing you in a stronger, more aligned position to create greater joy and well-being within your daily life.

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A 30-page E-book that comes in .pdf format, this book discusses strategies to listen-to, understand, process, manage and lift emotions.

The book can also be purchased as a Nurture Pack available here: Sunshine on a Rainy Day Nurture Pack



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