Skin’s Love Potion 2 oz


Don Tolman’s ‘Skins Love Potion’ is nature’s elemental electro-magnetic skin remedy.

For external use only, this potion contains CowBoy Dons proprietary highly-effective skin complex and is a microbial, fungal, viral cleanup, which also helps with skin discoloration and various skin maladies.

Skins Love Potion is mixed into vegetable glycerine to enhance the skin’s uptake of nature made Tea Tree and Oregano oils with a Silver and Fulvic mix enabling skin discomforts to clear and heal.

This product is for skin only and not to be used for the eyes, ears or genital area’s, (especially vaginal). ‘Natures’s Silver Bullet’ is for these areas, so check it out if you have issues there.
Lips: Apply to cold sores and other lip problems as needed daily.
Skin: Apply directly to the affected area, rubbing gently to massage it in. Repeat 3 times daily until symptoms subside. This will enhance the healing process of cuts, abrasions and other injuries to the skin.
Toe Nails: Toe nail application is almost always a concern of fungal infection. For a fungal infection apply directly on the infected toe nail. Cover it with a clean sock at bed time. leave it all night.
Mosquito bites: Apply directly to the mosquito bite, gently massage it in. One application usually does the trick. Apply every 10 minutes until itching disappears.

WARNING: Consult your doctor before using to be certain there will be no interaction with medical drugs you may currently be using. 

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