Philotheca Dosage Bottle – 25ml


The Philotheca Bush Flower Essence allows people to accept acknowledgment for their achievements and to ‘let in’ love.

Philotheca people are often good listeners, generous and giving people.

It also allows shy people to speak of their plans and success.

Please see below for more information and usage instructions.


Helps to Transform:

  • Inability to accept acknowledgement
  • Excessive generosity / Extravagant
  • Difficulty Receiving / Giving Love
  • Unable to Nurture Self
  • Self-Effacing
  • The ability to receive love and acknowledgement
  • The ability to let in praise


Administer 7 drops either under the tongue or in a glass of water a.m (upon rising) and p.m (upon retiring).

When used this way, dosage bottle will last 3 to 4 weeks approximately.



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