Nature’s Silver Bullet


Are you wanting to support your immune system?

No time to be sick?

Are your stomach and digestion not feeling happy?

Nature’s Silver Bullet can help!

The 2 colloidal compounds in Silver Bullet may support immune function and gut health.  These are colloidal silver and colloidal fulvic acid. The bonus is you’ll feel happier and healthier!

Did you know Colloidal Silver helps protect the body from invading pathogens, including bacteria, fungi, and viruses? And colloidal fulvic acid too! Making that a pretty powerful punch!

Plus, this is nothing new. Both ingredients have been used for centuries for promoting better health and immunity.

Please note: Nature’s Silver Bullet may be taken in small doses over short periods of time, either internally, or may be applied topically.



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Don Tolman’s Nature’s Silver Bullet

Boosts Immunity and Gut Health. Aids Nutrient Absorption

What is Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal Silver is a suspension of tiny particles, nanoparticles, of Silver, in liquid.

It was first used in 1891 by a surgeon to sterilise wounds.

Before antibiotics, they used silver for its antimicrobial properties. It has become popular again, in its colloidal form.

What is Colloidal Fulvic Acid?

Fulvic Acid is a humic substance. Meaning it’s a naturally occurring compound. And you find it in soils, compost, and marine sediments.

Want to help your soil be rich and nourishing?

You can!

Start composting today.

Your own organic compost bin promotes fulvic acid through the decomposition cycle. Your soil and plants will love you for it! Not to mention your body!

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Additional information


Colloidal Silver, Colloidal Fulvic Acid & Distilled Water

Directions for Use

Oral Hygiene:
Place 3-5 drops into 1-2 teaspoons of organic unrefined coconut oil. Place on tongue and swish around for 2-5 minutes, expel the mixture from the mouth and rinse. An effective way to inhibit bad bacteria in the mouth.

General Immunity:
Apply half a dropper to the back of the throat, gargle for 5 seconds and then swallow. Repeat 5-10 times a day (as needed).

Eyes and Ears:
Apply 3-5 drops onto a cotton wool ball (organic if possible) and gently wipe the area clean.

Apply directly to wounds using a cotton wool ball or swab. Beneficial for use for its antiseptic properties. Use on the affected area 2-3 times a day.

Gut and Digestive Support:
Take half a dropper orally, 2-3 times a day.

Vaginal/genital area:

Vaginal/genital area (i.e., for fungal or viral infections):
Apply several drops to clean hands and administer using your finger. Apply 2-3 times a day as required.

Vaginal Cleansing:
Add 1/4 teaspoon to douching solution of warm water or warm salt water. Apply douche. Repeat 1-2 times a day as required.


Though this is a 100% natural product, it must be used responsibly.

If you're on any medication, pregnant or breastfeeding, or if you're unsure of product suitability for you, always consult your doctor or health care professional prior to use.

Keep out of reach of children.
Take only as directed.
Store in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.


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