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Moon Manifestations – One Month Subscription


Need help keeping on track with your goals?

This monthly subscription is designed with you in mind.

Join us for the next round of Moon Manifestations and receive your first email at the next New Moon.

For more details see below.

Out of stock


Moon Manifestations – One Month

This 1-month subscription is your virtual goal-setting coach and motivator.

You’ll receive 8 emails throughout the month- one for each of the key moon phases – with tips on how to use the lunar cycle to your advantage.

Your subscription includes advice on:

  • Optimal times to set intentions,
  • When to ride the energetic wave towards your achievement(s)
  • When to conserve your output; ensuring adequate rest ready for the next push.

This subscription is valid for 1 month of the Moon Manifestations and will begin at the next New Moon.


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