Mass X-Odus Colon Cleanse




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Feeling bloated?

Suffering with constipation

Or simply feeling ‘toxic’ inside and out?

Then let the Mass X-Odus Cleanse from Don Tolman help you!


  • Remove waste
  • Help promote regularity and ease of bowel movements
  • Diminish symptoms of bloating
  • Promote energy and a healthy neuro-immune system
  • Promote detoxification of the liver and other digestive system organs
  • Facilitate absorption of vital nutrients from the whole foods you eat, especially those in season

It may help relieve symptoms of bloating, gas, constipation, skin problems, and even irritability. Because these could be the effects of poor colon health habits.


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Mass X-Odus is named after an ancient cleansing approach that Moses taught.

This cleanse is made up of 2 parts. Each part is done separately.

Part 1 is clay blend. Which creates intestinal contraction of the small and large intestine.  Thus, resulting in a mucosal ‘sloughing off and removal of waste matter, foreign bodies, and bad pathogens. All these contribute to an imbalance within the gut microbiome. Therefore, it’s essential to help in its restoration.

Part 2 is a seed blend. This expands in the digestive tract. And creates the ‘flow’ required to move these waste materials out through the faeces.

Please note: When Part 1 (Contraction) and Part 2 (Expansion) are taken in the same glass of water, they aren’t as effective.  This is why Mass X-Odus is taken as two separate blends: taken 1 hour apart.

The dual action harmonically performs in a symbiotic function of cleansing, removal, and restored function of the peristaltic movement of the intestines.

Poor digestion may lead to an increase in digestive-related symptoms.

Don Tolman created this cleanse to help improve digestive function. It eliminates waste and toxins from the body. Thus, leaving your digestive system feeling clean, rejuvenated, and able to cope better.

Furthermore, leaving you able to absorb nutrition from your food efficiently and continue to eliminate toxins thoroughly.

It is important to support our digestive tracts as they are exposed to high levels of toxicity from the pesticides on food, to the air we breathe and the artificial ingredients in food. All of these compounds can negatively impact your health.

Therefore, a regular cleanse can help to maintain overall health.


We suggest for people practice a three-day liquid diet then carry out the colon cleanse over one day. However, doing any sort of liquid diet for your preferred length of time than doing the Mass X-Odus is a good method.

The step-by-step instructions are clearly printed on the packaging.

Don recommends doing the Mass X-Odus Colon Cleanse for 1 day unless you feel like you want to do this for 2 days, but we recommend not doing this any longer.

We have enough in each bag for 2 full days. The 11.5 oz and 6 oz are by weight only, the volume amounts are the same.

If your body feels that you need to do a flush after the Colon Cleanse, then we have included the Senna Tea and Epsom Salt so that you can choose which flush you prefer.



Alternate Mass X-Odus Part 1 and Mass X-Odus Part 2 every hour – 10 times a day (5x for each solution)

  1.  Mix 2 tablespoons with approx. 250 ml of water or juice of your choice (non-acidic mixes well- Apple, pear, blackcurrant),
  2. Stir, and drink it quickly.


  • The mixture can also be mixed in a blender to achieve a smoother consistency.
  • Mass X-Odus will expand, so the warm liquid is preferred.



  • 8am (Part 1)
  • 9am (Part 2)
  • 10am (Part 1)
  • 11am (Part 2)
  • Noon (Part 1)
  • 1pm (Part 2)
  • 2pm (Part 1)
  • 3pm (Part 2)
  • 4pm (Part 1)
  • 5pm (Part 2)

Also included with your Detox Kit:

Steep a tea bag in hot boiled water and drink throughout the day

  • Epsom Salt

Add 2 level teaspoons of Epsom Salt to 1 litre of water and drink this first thing in the morning (the morning following your colon cleanse) for a final cleanse and flushing out the body.


And while you’re cleansing internally, consider externally too with ReNew Exfoliating Scrub! Because our skin is our biggest organ for elimination. Thus, it makes sense to support both the colon and skin at the same time!

Additional information

Ingredients Part 1

Bentonite Clay, Apples, Date Sugar, Cinnamon & Ginger.

Ingredients Part 2

Psyllium Seed Husks, Apples, Flax Seed & Date Sugar


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