Astrology – Know Thyself


Would you like more self-understanding and confirmation of your strengths and challenges?

Are you looking for fulfillment or just totally intrigued about Astrology and what your birth chart says about you?

Or perhaps you’re feeling that life is being “done to you” and you’re ready to take back control?

During this 90 minute session we’ll look at your energetic blueprint and the key planetary transits affecting you at this time.


A natal chart delineation can help you clarify your gifts, your strengths and your challenges.
And reconnect you with what you want from life; setting you on a path to fulfillment.
This is the place to start.
With a firm knowledge of what you’re dealing with, you can move forward from a centred and empowered position.
This consultation is great if:
  • You’re new to Astrology
  • You’d like a deeper self-understanding
  • You’d like insight into why you seem to be going round in circles with a repeating pattern in your life
  • Would like to know the key planetary transits affecting you at this time
How to Order:
Step 1) Place your Order
Step 2) You will be allocated the next available appointment. If this is not suitable, we can arrange an alternative time that suits.
Step 3) Please provide the following details when confirming your appointment:
  • Your Name
  • Your Email Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Time of Birth
  • Location of Birth
  • If there’s a particular life area that you would like to discuss please let me know so I can ensure we cover what is most important to you at this time.



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