Internal House Cleaning – Throat Spray 2oz


Don’s Internal House Cleaning Spray contains a proprietary complex blend; making this hand crafted spray, a very effective microbial clearing agent.

Along with Don’s Colloidial Silver and Fulvic Acid blend is included nature’s Tea Tree (ingestible food grade) and Oregano Oils and just the right amount of menthol to relieve an itching sore throat.

The microbial agents do the job of clearing out any – and all – bad bacteria, virus or even fungal agents that create the discomfort’s attributable to these infections.

THROAT USE: For Colds, Flu and immune support, spray 5 times to the back of the throat, gargle and swish it around for 5 seconds then swallow. Repeat 5-10 times a day as needed.
WARNING: This product should not be used in the eye’s, ears or vaginal area’s, because it will irritate these delicate tissues.
If you need a product for these areas, use: NATURE’S SILVER BULLET.
Government & Legal Warning: Please consult your medical doctor before using, to be certain that there will be no interactions with medical drugs you are currently taking. 

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